· Four Professors of Online casino Have Been Selected as Members of the New Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Educa... 2018/12/05 
· Dai YuQiang, a Famous Singer, Was Appointed as a Special Professor in Online gambling 2018/11/30 
· Online gambling Aerobics Dance Team Won Consecutive Awards in the National Aerobics Dance Competition 2018/11/19 
· Foreign Students of Online casino Participate in the "Cultural Performance of Liaoning University Students Coming to China in ... 2018/11/15 
· International Education Exchange Center Held the 2017-2018 School Year Online gambling International Student Awards Confere... 2018/11/12 

· The School Leaders Led the Material Science and Engineering Team to Connect with the Shenyang National Center for Material Scie... 2018/11/09 
· Our Professors Have Been Appointed as Members of Ministry of Education College Teaching Steering Committee 2018/11/09 
· Journal of Online gambling (Natural Science Edition) Has been Included As "The key magazine of China technology" 2018/11/05 
· Online gambling Was Awarded As Demonstrative University For Studying In China In Liaoning Province 2018/10/22 
· Online gambling Leaders Meet Guests from Brunel University London 2018/10/12 
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